Survive the Storm

SURVIVE THE STORM: KY3 Weather Team visits Monett High School

SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS: How do you perceive them?

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SURVIVE THE STORM: List of FEMA-approved shelters

WATCH: Here's your best chance to survive a tornado no matter where you live

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SURVIVE THE STORM: How to take pictures of hail

SURVIVE THE STORM: Go behind the scenes with the KY3 Storm Team

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KY3 Weather App: Get specific video forecasts for your area

KY3 Weather App: How to track storms on radar

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SURVIVE THE STORM: Taking inventory, prepping your home for next storm

SURVIVE THE STORM: Why boaters need a safety course

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Winter Weather Preparedness

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Updated: 4:13 PM - After a nice Sunday, rain moves back into the Ozarks late Monday
19 mins ago - Cases of COVID-19 in both Missouri and Arkansas rose again by several cases. Here's a breakdown of cases in both states and the Ozarks.
Updated: 6:41 PM - Al Grimes was first hospitalized in Clinton before being transferred on March 8 to a Kansas hospital, The Kansas City Star reported.
Posted: 6:35 PM - The Stone County Health Department says a patient has tested positive for coronavirus, which is the first confirmed case in the county.
Updated: 5:47 PM - The Kraft Foods plant in Springfield closed doors Saturday morning with a "deep cleaning" of the site underway amid the coronavirus pandemic.