Thieves caught on camera stealing an ATM from a Springfield bank

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Some bold thieves went to the extreme to steal money from a Springfield bank.

"A lot of times when you think about an ATM being involved in a theft or a crime it's usually property damage, tampering, things of that nature," explains Officer Rachel Kleemann with Springfield Police.

However, this was far from your typical crime.

"It has happened. Somebody, somewhere else has thought to remove an ATM, take it someplace else and break it open," says Kleemann.

Police first found out the machine was lifted when the bank's alarm went off. That was only part of the crime spree they were about to uncover.

Kleemann says, "Between everything that happened in Ozark and everything that happened here they way that they intertwine, it's quite the heist."

Thieves put their plan in motion around two in the morning last Thursday.

"A dump truck was allegedly stolen in Ozark from one of their construction sites and then driven to Springfield, so it could be used in the ATM theft," she says.

Surveillance video from Simmons Bank clearly shows how the machine was stolen. The thieves used a stolen forklift, taken from a site around the corner from the bank, to rip the machine from its foundation.

"Then it was driven back with the ATM in the bed. Then they opened it on that construction site," says Kleemann.

The stolen forklift was ditched at the bank.

Crime Stoppers posted the details on social media hoping to find out who is responsible. It's not really generating many leads.

"There have been Breaking Bad references. I think there's was another movie that included the stealing of an ATM," says Kleemann.

Officers say this is a very serious crime with serious consequences.

Springfield and Ozark Police are working together on the investigation.

"It's still pretty surprising, not something you would expect. I know the detectives couldn't think of another time in Springfield where we'd seen that," says Kleemann.

She says the FBI isn't involved yet but that could change.

If you have information on this crime you can submit a tip to police or Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous.