Tenants of 417 Rentals notified that their homes are in foreclosure

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. More legal troubles for a Springfield landlord who ones hundreds of properties.

417 Rentals owner, Chris Gatley, is facing foreclosure of a dozen properties as his bankruptcy case continues in court.

We spoke to several people living in the homes that will be foreclosed on next week. They all said they received notice from a company representing the lender. However, they are still concerned.

"You don't want to be kicked out last minute, you know. I have a child so it's really nerve-wracking," said Britain Nell.

Many people renting from 417 Rentals may be feeling like she does.

"That's where it all started was them just sending us a letter in the mail," she said.

That letter, sent on behalf of the bank that owns the mortgage, says that the house she lives in will be sold in a foreclosure sale. 417 Rentals has defaulted on the debt.

"They came over and they showed a property to some people that might be interested in buying a couple of the houses," she said.

Nell said this all happened suddenly.

"They said that they're going to try to keep as many people in the houses as they can," she explained.

Nell and her family may not have to move yet.

She said, "Big relief because you just don't know what to do when they tell you, you know, you got to leave. It's like, okay, well what do you do from there?"

That's not what Joanne Potts said she was told when she contacted 417 Rentals after getting the same letter Nell did.

"When I called the office Chris told the guy there it's all taken care of. Don't worry about it. Now I got to worry about it," she said.

Potts is disabled and on a fixed income.

"It's real shocking. It's just you know, me paying him rent and him not paying his mortgage and whatever loans," she said.

Potts said she's rented from Gatley for more than a decade without any problems.

She said, "He's an okay landlord to me. Now this?"

Potts has limited resources and is trying to figure out how she will keep a roof over her head.

"All the respect I gave him just went out the window or went out with the mortgage," she said.

Our calls to Gatley's attorney, Ron Weiss, have yet to be returned.

Everyone living at a property that's facing foreclosure has been notified.

However, we reviewed more of the case documents and found that another lender may be foreclosing on more properties in the near future.

As for when anyone will have to move, well an attorney for one lender said that will be up to the new property owners.

There are a lot more questions, than answers right now.

We will continue following this story and provide updates as we get them.