Scammers are targeting people through email posing as lottery officials

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. An Ozarks woman is speaking out after scammers started coming after her elderly mother.

We've reported on the many ways would-be thieves target people, going after their money and personal information.

However, this scam is sophisticated and appears to have all the signs of being on the level, at first sight.

Elaine Robinson asks, "Who couldn't use $17 million dollars? Who couldn't use a nice, brand new, Mercedes Benz vehicle?

She says her elderly mother got an email promising riches and prizes and wanted her to check it out.

"I want to send you an email so you can tell me if this is legit or not," she explains.

Robinson says she was suspicious right away.

"Oh my gosh! This is not legit! It says mega millions, kind of like you see the lottery thing. The Mega Millions, the Powerball, things like that," she says.

We did a quick online search about lottery scams and learned that this was in fact ploy for thieves to steal your money and personal information.

"They've went from her needing to send them $10,750 dollars to send me $300 today. I'll pay your fees and then when you get your money you can pay me back," says Robinson.

She says the people her mother are talking to are relentless.

"My mom told them I'm not doing anything until I talk to my daughter. They told my mom, just, either this morning I believe, oh well we've already talked with your daughter. She called us. We have a voice recording of her okaying this whole transaction. My mom, being the smart woman that she is, she said, well let me hear the recording. They played it. Mom said that is not my daughter," explains Robinson.

We tried to call the phone number Elaine's mother was given to claim her prize and didn't get an answer.

A few minutes later a man called from the phone number we dialed.

"We just need to understand the legitimacy of this before my mother sends you anything," says Robinson.

We didn't get many answers. The man just hung up.

"Everybody, men, women, young, old, middle-aged, whatever, you have got to be careful. You've got to know who is on the other end of this line that you're talking with. If you've got to send them one dollar, it is not legit. You know the old saying is, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is," says Robinson.