Roadwork in a Springfield neighborhood may be delayed for months

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A rough ride for a Springfield neighborhood has residents wanting answers. Their street's been torn up for weeks. They came to us to dig up answers.

"We just got a brochure from the company," said Bambi Callison.

Spring Frazier said, "They tore it up and that's the last we heard."

The women say there was no need for the asphalt on their street to be shredded.

"Nobody noticed anything wrong with the street. I was actually shocked because I was thinking why would they be doing that on a street that's perfectly fine," said Callison.

Gaps in the cement and potholes now line Broadway Avenue between Seminole Street and West McGee Street. The women say they could understand weather delays. However, they became concerned when that didn't appear to be an issue.

"The weather warmed up to the 70s and nobody returned. No call. No brochure. Nothing," said Callison.

They say they tried to find out why a job that was supposed to take a few days still hasn't been done in a few weeks.

"I've called the company. I just called the city but couldn't get through," said Frazier.

Callison added, "We tried to contact them many times. A lot of frustration. I just want some answers."

"Unfortunately this situation, we were out ahead and milled a project. The contractor actually had to pull out of the area to do another job. We're kind of left an unfinished product for right now," said Eric Claussen with Springfield Public Works.

Callison said, "Worried about the cars. Worried about the weather, the upcoming weather. She asks, "If it snows, how long is this going to last?"

The city hopes repairs will be done soon. The colder weather ahead could push repairs back until spring.

"Hopefully we can get in there and try to complete that. If we can't for some reason we'll go in there and do some wedging on those areas that have been milled out to try and make the ride at least bearable for a few months until we can get in there and the asphalt plants open back up," said Claussen.

If you have any questions about work being done in your neighborhood call Springfield customer service at 417-864-1010.