Republic man being investigated by the state attorney general's office for fraud

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A major fraud scheme in the Ozarks has caught the attention of state officials.

More than a dozen people have filed complaints with the attorney general's office with claims of being bilked out of $350,000 combined.

"The same scheme accomplished in Kansas he was caught. He was convicted. Then he moved to Missouri to accomplish the same thing." said Celestino Chavez.

He is a local advocate assisting the Missouri Attorney General's office. He provided us with a letter confirming their investigation of George Myers.

The Missouri Secretary of State's office is also investigating Ozark Medical Health Ventures, a company owned by Myers.

Chavez said, "He was taking money and property from individuals and converting it to other businesses and properties for his own benefit."

Kyle Reinert is an attorney representing some of those people.

"If a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is," he said.

Reinert said the allegations made in Missouri are very serious because seniors are the ones being targeted.

"The state has a different burden of proof than someone does on the civil side but he does leave a paper trail," he said.

Chavez has already turned over documents to state investigators. He explains to us what they are.

These are some of the false contracts that were sold. If you invest in these Medicare contracts that will quadruple your investment. For a $3000 investment he was promising to pay $12,060.

A woman we call Jane Smith fell for the scheme. She asked us to conceal her identity for her protection.

She said, "He pulled on my heart strings and he totally sucked me in for a year."

She said Myers pretended to be her friend before taking her for tens of thousands of dollars.

Myers is currently on probation for failing to file and pay taxes.

The fraud investigation on Myers started fall of last year. He has yet to be charged.

"Smith" is she's hoping that no one else gets taken like she did.

"Of course I'm bummed about this whole deal. Hopefully in the end it will turn out okay," she said.

We reached out to Myers for comment on these allegations. He declined to say anything.

If you or someone you know may have been taken by George Myers you can report it to state officials online or over the phone, (800) 721-7996.