Relative of Greene Co. man accused of brutally beating his child speaks out

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. We are learning more about a Greene County man, now in jail, accused of brutally beating his 8 year-old girl.

Kenneth Davis is facing serious charges and serious jail time if convicted of felony child abuse.

For the first time, the relative who called 911 is speaking out about that night exclusively to us.

Scott Nielsen said he felt he had no choice but to call sheriff's deputies the night he says his cousin, Kenneth Davis, known as Robert, severely beat his daughter. He said that he had to think quickly that night. He got Davis out of the house, away from the child, into his truck and asked law enforcement to pull him over so that Davis could be arrested.

"I'm scarred by it. I can't take that image out of my head, the way she looked," said Nielsen.

He and his family were staying with Davis and his family when he says he woke up to the sound of Davis' daughter screaming in pain.

"When I saw her I thought of Kinzlea and that broke my heart. My heart bleeds for the Kilgore family. I'm broken hearted. I loved Kinzlea. She was something special," he said.

Nielsen explained that he's heard a few different stories about what happened the night 2 year-old Kinzlea Kilgore was found badly beaten at a home in Buffalo.

The injuries to her head were severe. She died before getting to the hospital.

He said, "Robert said he was there and she tried to crawl out the window but the coroner ruled it a homicide. After seeing this I don't know. It makes me ask myself questions about it. Why was he trusted with a second child?"

The Dallas County Prosecutor, Barbara Viets, has not formally charged anyone in Kilgore's case.

As for Davis' child, the Greene County Prosecutor's office wasted no time once the sheriff's office filed their report. With Nielsen's help, Davis was arrested and charged with seven felony counts of child abuse within hours.

"When we saw her that night both of her eyes were almost swollen completely shut. She had hair ripped out of her head. She was bruised from head to toe. Her lip was so swollen that she couldn't even drink through a straw nor a cup. That child got on her knees and asked me for help. I gave her a drink of water and I watched the blood roll out of her mouth onto the cup. That doesn't leave my head," Nielsen.

We asked, "Does he have a history of hurting children?"

"He has a history of being violent. I think that's where the line's drawn. I think it doesn't matter, child or adult. Robert does what Robert wants to do and he thinks he doesn't have to answer to anybody," he said.

Nielsen says he hopes Davis doesn't get the chance to hurt another child.

"It's pretty bad when your own family has to stand up and say enough is enough. I feel that for he did he needs to be there. They need to throw the book at him," he said.

We've called Dallas County Prosecutor, Barbara Viets for an update on Kinsley Kilgore's case. We have yet to get a phone call back.

Davis will stay in the Greene County Jail until he posts $100,000 bond. He's already entered a not guilty plea.

He'll be back in front of a judge next month.