Police say a Springfield man shot a woman in a drug deal gone bad

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. New details in a deadly shooting in northeast Springfield.

Police say a woman was killed in a $100 meth deal.

Raquel Montgomery was shot outside a home on east Blaine on February 13th.

Police arrested Carlton Williamson inside Bass Pro Sunday. An off-duty deputy spotted him in the store, called police, and followed him around until they arrived. He's now facing second-degree murder charges.

This crime happened about a block away from Weller Elementary School.

People living in the area are shocked and upset. They said this incident, in no way, represents their neighborhood.

"It's depressing because none of us are bad people. We didn't do anything wrong," said Kyle Weeks.

Weeks said the shooting is all everyone is talking about.

"I've noticed some people moving after the whole incident. It's been a little different but I don't know it's still home," he said.

According to the police report Williamson was called to the house on East Blaine to sell a large amount of meth to Montgomery. Officers were told that Montgomery pulled a gun and tried to take the narcotics from Williamson. That's when Williamson shot at her twice before taking off, leaving her critically injured in the front yard of a nearby house.

Weeks said this type of crime doesn't happen in his neighborhood.

"Usually it's just kids playing. We usually do cookouts and stuff in the summertime. Our kids play together all the time when my daughter's here. They actually go over to the school and play on the playground," he explained.

He said he's relieved that Williamson was arrested.

"People give the north side a bad rap but this part of town is usually pretty good. We got rid of one bad apple. It's actually kind of great," said weeks.

Williamson has a criminal history involving guns.

He is being held at the Greene County Jail without bond.