Nixa police will get a new tool to help track crime

NIXA, Mo. Targeting thieves who target you will be easier to track for one Ozarks town.

Nixa Police is getting a new tool to fight crime.

Officers will have a better handle on what criminals do here with just a simple change to how data is collected.

"Nixa is not free from crime that's for sure," said Brittany Arroyo

Nixa is a lot safer then where she currently lives.

"In Chicago if you go to the park you're still at risk, people gluing razorblades to the slides, kids getting shot. Here you can go play at the park, like we are today, and have no worries. You can just let your kids, free range kids," she said.

It's one of the reasons why she's moving back to Nixa. However, the safety of her family is always on her mind.

"You can never have too much enforcement," she said.

Chief Jimmy Liles, with Nixa Police said, "This is a pretty big game changer for us. We want to be proactive when it comes to crime."

A program, used by departments across the country, will help Nixa police do just that.

Officers will track every single crime, no matter how small or large, individually.

"We can actually utilize our resources to combat those things and target those areas and those specific types of crimes. Actually capturing all that crime gives us a more comprehensive look at what's occurring in our city," said Liles.

The more robust reporting system will allow Nixa's system to communicate with Springfield's and Greene County's. Officers will be able to work together to track criminals and solve crimes faster.

"As it sits right now, somebody who commits a crime here and then they move on to Springfield, we really have no idea they're doing that," said Liles.

This gives people like Arroyo peace of mind.

"The safety of this guy is top priority," she said referring to her son.

It essentially puts more boots on the ground.

"It is like having all those officers working together," said Liles.

It will be about a year until Nixa is up and running with the new system. The $160,000 price tag attached to it will be paid for by a grant.