Neighbors want to stop the re-development of Galloway Village in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. People living near Sequiota Park are fighting to keep their neighborhood as it is now.

Tuesday developers and engineers tried to meet with people in the Galloway Village neighborhood for a second time.

The goal was to answer questions and address concerns for a new development slated for three acres across the street from Sequiota Park.

"We're going to address as many things as we can on an individual basis or we're going to leave. This is not productive for anybody," said project engineer, Derek Lee.

Dozens of people, against the project, showed up to make their voices heard.

Carl Allison said, "I am pro-business and I am pro-development but not unbridled development."

"We just don't want to see it all bulldozed for a buck," said Wendy Huscher.

At issue is construction of a four-story, apartment building and retail space.

This is in addition to more retail space on eight acres at the corner of Lone Pine and Battlefield.

"You have to have the infrastructure. You have to have the services. I am very uncomfortable with the 300 that have already gone in down this road, what I hear about the corner, at the bottom of the hill, of Battlefield and Lone Pine, is potentially a nightmare," said Allison.

Huscher said, "Nobody likes what's happening down the road further south. It looks good on paper but it's not good in real life."

Developers for the three acre apartment project cut the meeting short amid tension and hostility.

"People who wanted to come and meet I sincerely apologize. I think we need to leave. We're past this," said Lee.

The push to halt development will continue.

Huscher said, "I have to get petitions signed and I have to get people to email city council. It's not that I don't think that the people who own the property shouldn't make money or anything like that. I just don't think that it's for the best interest of this neighborhood."

"Those who don't live here, don't get it. I'm asking those with responsiblity to slow this thing down and take a look. Make sure it's the right thing to do. Not just for the developers and not just for business people but for the citizens. Please," said Allison.

The issue of rezoning this area will be heard at a Planning and Zoning meeting on September 13.

Council could make a final decision sometime in October.