Multiple law enforcement agencies on duty for Greene Co Sheriff's Deputies

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. A dozen law enforcement agencies from across the Ozarks are filling in for Greene County Deputies as they work to get through the tragedy of losing one of their own.

"It's more about just doing what's right for the right reason, trying to be some kind of support. You don't know how but you want to do something," said Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole.

Greene County Deputy Aaron Roberts passed away last week while checking out a 911 call. His patrol car was swallowed by rushing water in a flash flood, sending it down stream.

Cole said, "This helps us feel like we're doing something you know. It's such a tragic time for that office. But at the same time this is just one small way that we can kind of help."

Agencies from around the state have a written agreement to help each other during emergency situations.

"The reality of it is that when you see somebody in need you, you know you're going to help, you just don't know exactly what your role is. At the very first part of a major incident communication is always the single greatest challenge. When the need was understood and they were able to communicate that need and able to let all of us help they were able to put together a plan," said Cole.

That plan involves a rotation of officers and deputies from surrounding towns and counties in their own service cars. They are on Greene County roads answering calls for service, evem making traffic stops. They are doing everything an on duty Greene County Sheriff's Deputy would do.

Cole said it's an honor to for he and his deputies to be able to serve.

"Everybody is hurt and everybody has struggled and you always, when you see it you sympathize with that. The ball rang and we came. That's just how it is. It's just trying to do what's right," he said.