Monett School District faces a federal lawsuit over the sexual assault of a student

MONETT, Mo. A local school district is under fire after a parent says not enough was done to protect his daughter from being sexually assaulted by another student.

Parents expect their kids to be safe at school or while on school trips.

One Monett parent says his daughter wasn't protected and has filed a federal lawsuit against the district and school officials.

According to court documents a female Monett High School student was sexually assaulted and harassed during a school sanctioned activity, while riding a school bus. The boy accused of attacking her was suspended for a few days. The lawsuit says that didn't stop him from sexually harassing her at school.

This student developed anxiety. She was afraid to go to school and her grades suffered.

It's something Michelle Bohanan never thought could happen.

"I know the coaches are always there. I never thought about anything happening," she said.

Her daughter is a student athlete and is on campus and at school functions often.

"I've always gone to all of her games even when they're away and she always rides home with me after the game," said Bohanan.

The lawsuit says that school officials didn't do enough to keep the boy away from her, allowing him to keep attending classes with her even after more complaints were filed.

The Missouri Commission on Human Rights agree. They investigated and found that her civil rights were violated, including equal protection of the laws on the basis of gender as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Now a federal jury will decide if there's enough proof to hold the district and school officials accountable.

We reached out to school officials for their side of the story.

They have yet to get information about the lawsuit but may speak to us in the future through their lawyers.