Man wanted for two Springfield homicides is considered very dangerous

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Springfield Police are looking for a man in connection with two shooting deaths.

Willie Haughton is wanted for killing two men in five days on the north side of town.

Court records indicate that he bonded out of jail just days before the first killing.

At first, detectives didn't think the two killings were related. Through the early stages of their investigation they were able to link Haughton to both shooting deaths through forensic evidence collected at both crime scenes.

Haughton is considered very dangerous.

"We want people to be cautious," said Lieutenant Culley Wilson with Springfield Police.

The two men shot dead within just days of each other.

"We do not believe that this is some, that the deaths were random," explained Wilson.

Last Tuesday, 30 year-old Lance Loveless was found slumped over in his car in an alley just off Florida Street. He was shot in the head.

The next day police surrounded an apartment complex on North Bolivar Road. They were following leads on Loveless' death. Officer believed the person responsible may have been holed up in one of the units.

We asked Taylor Manning, who lives in the complex, "Would you be surprised if somebody who lives there did something really, really bad?

"No, I wouldn't be surprised at all. I wouldn't be surprised at all. Not how I've met most people in north side Springfield. When you start getting into places like this it just spells trouble. Every time. Every time," he explained.

Four days later another body was found inside a car on East Commercial Street. Robert Hewitt, 49 years-old was shot dead.
The crime was found to be similar to the shooting death of Loveless.

"It's not that he's out hunting victims. This is somebody he knew for a reason. Maybe not very long but there were other factors involved before the shootings," said Wilson.

Police said Haughton has had run-ins with the law and is considered to be violent. There is an active warrant for his arrest for skipping out on a court hearing for domestic violence and child endangerment.

"The domestic assault that does concern us. That's kind of an indicator of possible, future violent tendencies," said Wilson.

Police have reason to believe that Haughton is still in Springfield. They are asking everyone to keep their guard up until he is caught.

"Lock the doors to your house. Lock the door to your car when you get out of it. Be aware, especially at night and daylight too. Be aware of where you're at, who's around you, just simple precautions," advised Wilson.

If you see Haughton police say do not confront him. He is considered to be very violent and dangerous.

Call 911 immediately.