UPDATE: Springfield police release identity of motel homicide victim

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Springfield police have released the name of the man shot and killed at a north Springfield motel.

Police confirm the victim is Stephen G. Dowd, 41, of Fredericktown.
Police were called to Motel Six on north Glenstone just before 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

"We received a 911 call of a disturbance involving a hand gun and possibly somebody that was shot," said Lt. Chris Wells with Springfield Police.

By the time officers and paramedics arrived at the motel there was little anyone could do to save the man who shot.

Now, investigators are working to find the killer.

"We're talking with witnesses that were on scene and everything to develop that further," explained Wells.

Law enforcement believes the people involved knew each other.

Wells said, "There's no danger that we believe or perceive to anybody in the community outside those that were involved here."

Officers couldn't confirm that they've been called to this motel for similar instances in the past. They say this type of crime could happen anywhere in Springfield.

"Any hotel could potentially, people coming in and out and meeting up, you just never know. It doesn't even have to be hotels. We have plenty of disturbances all over," said Wells.

Officials say it will take some time to figure out what happened inside that motel room.

"The process slows down to make sure we don't miss any evidence or anything like that," said Wells.

It could be a few days until any new details are released, including the name of man killed, who may have done it and a possible reason why.