Drivers say tall grass is causing road hazards in Greene County

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. Driving around parts of Greene County might be hard to do now that all the rain we've had caused vegetation to grow quickly.

One area, near Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park has become a huge concern for people traveling along Farm Road 146.

Rusty Golden said, "They never cut the grass. It's really hard to tell if there's oncoming traffic. It's just really dangerous. I've been hit almost a couple of times here."

Drivers, like Golden told us they have to go through the intersection of Farm Roads 123 and 146 very carefully and not just for their own safety.

"Hitting someone else. Especially with the walking path. We have a lot bicyclists that come over here and I'm afraid I'm going to hit someone on a bicycle because I won't be able to see them," she said.

The county is responsible for clearing 2500 miles or roughly 8000 acres of grass along the sides of the roads. The have only 18 mowers and limited staff so they don't get to cut grass as often as they'd like.

Rick Artman, Greene County Highway Department Administrator said, "We are making our cycle. We haven't forgot any areas. But it's taking us six weeks to make our cycle to get this mowed."

The intersection near Wilson's Creek and Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park has been on the county's radar for quite some time.

"We've looked at it over the years to see if there's something we could do to improve the operation of this intersection," he said.

Some solutions considered include a third stop sign or a round about to help better control traffic and make this area safer.

"There's some problems with everything that we've looked at and we haven't settled on one form yet to try and help cure this," said Artman.

Drivers, like Golden believe the solution is simple.

"I would love to see them take care of the grass more, definitely. I think it's a fairly simple thing to do," she said.

The farmer who owns the field has mowed down the grass towards the center.

Greene County plans on taking care of mowing the shoulder by the end of next week.