CoxHealth and Anthem still negotiating terms for participation agreement

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Many people in the Ozarks are scrambling to find a new health care provider.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cox can't agree on contract terms. This is leaving many people in the Ozarks hurrying to make sure they will remain covered.

Federal employees are in a tight spot. Their open enrollment period to choose coverage ends before the deadline for companies to strike a deal is up.

Ben Brown asks, "What are we going to do with our health care?"

He is anxiously awaiting a decision.

"We like the Blue Cross BlueShield plans. It's beneficial to our family and it works for us," he said.

Brown is like many others who have just days to decide if they stick it out with their current insurance carrier or take their chances and switch.

He asks, "How soon do we get into doctors? Can they fill our prescriptions in time that we need them? Who knows?

The situation is even direr for people like his brother in law.

"He's going in for a biopsy later next week. If that turns out cancerous then what are you going to do? Are you going to stay with this? Are you going to switch doctors? It's just a bad situation," he said.

Brown has been trying to get answers directly.

"I called them and talked to them. They said they're trying to make the best decisions for their people. Well the plan is already set. We know we're going to have to pay and what hospital and all that, all the charges that we have to pay. They're just negotiating they're fees," he said.

CoxHealth released this statement saying that they are still negotiating with Anthem and are hopeful they will reach an agreement before the termination date of January 8, 2018.

Brown said, "It's a game of chicken right now going on and who's expense? At who's expense?"

People who also have Medicare Part D in this equation had even less time to make a decision because Thursday was the last day to enroll.