First ever Pond Hockey Showdown at Old Kinderhook this weekend

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- The ice rink at Old Kinderhook is normally used for some leisurely skating, but this weekend, the rink is all for hockey!

It's all part of the Ozark Pond Hockey Showdown. It consists of eight teams from across the state, and even a team from Des Moines, Iowa.

All of the players are eight years old, and will play through six games throughout the weekend.

This is the first ever pond hockey tournament at Old Kinderhook, and organizers say playing out in the elements is a unique experience.

"We thought this was a great opportunity, not only to expand our market, but to provide an opportunity for kids throughout southern Missouri and the Midwest to come out and experience something new and a little bit unique and different that they don't normally have a chance to do back home," said Steve Brickman, Director of the Ozark Pond Hockey Showdown.

The event runs all day Saturday, and wraps up with a championship game Sunday morning at 11:00. It is free to the public.

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