Drury University adds tougher punishment for hazing

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Drury University announced new enforcement to stop hazing on its campus.

University officials say that everything in this plan is already being enforced and implemented. The game plan starts by educating freshmen about what hazing is. Then university officials will work to remove it from the culture.

Coach Brian Reynolds stepped away from his day-to-day duties running the swim team to join the task force in January after Evan Petrich, a former swimmer, alleged that he was physically and mentally abused by older members of the team during an "initiation week" during his freshman year in 2015.

Coach Reynolds returned to the school last season. He led the teams in the NCAA National Swim Meet, where both squads came in second.

"It's just something that needed to happen in a community way," said Drury swim coach Reynolds. "What I really like about the program is it's not just athletics it's campus-wide . I really like that all the kids are going to get some education."

Hazing Policy Violation Sanctions

-For certain violations, standard sanctions are already in place. The following sanctions are standard for any hazing violation. Drury University reserves the right to modify or change any standard sanction dependent upon the severity and nature of the violation.

Subtle Hazing:

-Community Service: A minimum of 20 hours of community service
-Counseling: Referral to Director of Counseling Services
-Fine: A minimum $100 fine assessed to student account
-Education: Required participation in Bystander Intervention Training
-Loss of participation and privileges in campus organizations
-Campus Housing: Released from on-campus housing with no refund for the entire semester
-Parent Notification: Formal parent notification as allowed by FERPA
Harassment Hazing

-Community Service: A minimum of 40 hours of community service
-Fine: A minimum $200 fine assessed to student account
-Disciplinary Suspension: Separation from the University for a minimum of one semester

Violent Hazing

-Fine: A minimum $500 fine assessed to student account
-Disciplinary Suspension: Separation form the University for a minimum of two semesters to permanent disciplinary expulsion from the university.
-Hazing: Organization, Group, or Team Violation

When a student group, organization, or team is found in violation of hazing, the sanctions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Compliance program: Groups or teams are required to undergo a multi-session anti-hazing program. All costs associated with the program are the responsibility of the group. A minimum attendance level will be set ahead of time and must be satisfied to complete this sanction.
-Social and campus probation: Groups would be prohibited from organizing socially or holding any campus events for a minimum of one semester.
-Withdrawal of recognition: When a group or team has been found responsible for a major hazing incident (jeopardizing the health or well-being of any persons), the university may withdraw recognition of that group for a specified time.

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