All 6 Springfield City Council races have 2 or 3 contenders

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Springfield City Clerk Anita Cotter on Friday certified 13 applicants to be included on the ballot for the election on Tuesday, April 4.

Five City Council Seats and the office of Mayor are open this cycle. Zone 2 Councilman Tom Prater must run for his seat, following an appointment last September. The Zone 2 seat was vacated after former Councilman Justin Burnett resigned.

The following is a list of council seats up for re-election and their contenders:

Ken McClure
Kristi Fulnecky
(Incumbent Bob Stephens chose not to run again.)

General Seat A
Jan Fisk (incumbent)
Jesse Coulter
Allen Kemper

General Seat B
Craig Hosmer (incumbent)
Curtis Montgomery

Zone 1
Phyllis Ferguson (incumbent)
Thomas Quinn

Zone 2
Tom Prater (incumbent)
Helen Gunther

Zone 4
Craig Fishel (incumbent)
Debra Brady

Since both mayoral candidates hold unexpired City Council seats, whichever candidate is successful will vacate a seat upon becoming mayor. This vacancy – in either General Seat C or D – likely will be filled through an appointment process in the same manner as previous vacancies were filled. This process is outlined in section 2.5 of the City Charter.

The City likely will accept applications sometime in April for that vacant seat. The appointed council member would serve until the regular April 2019 election.