Springfield police help search rental home for drugs or burglars

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - City police spent a few hours on Tuesday at a home on Kansas Expressway near Nichols Street after someone smelled something that suggested a methamphetamine lab might be inside. The caller also thought people might have been in the home without authorization.

The home was at 823 N. Kansas. A Springfield Police Department spokeswoman says someone went there shortly after noon to clean the house after renters had been evicted. The caller thought people were inside and smelled an overpowering odor.

Several police officers, including narcotics officers, went to the home. For a time, they thought they had a standoff on their hands. A Springfield fire engine and crew stood by near the scene in case they were needed.

Officers entered the home after 4 p.m., according to the police department spokeswoman. They found neither people nor meth lab components in the home. The chemical odor baffled them and police continue to investigate.