Tests fail to back up allegations of mold at Kickapoo High School

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.(KSPR) - In an online article that's gained a lot of attention, a Springfield student said there is mold inside Kickapoo High School again. A Springfield School District official, however, says there is not green or black mold like the student mentioned in the article.

The district just got test results this week that show 29 different places in the building were tested and all came back showing no black mold.

Senior Magdelaine Mueller doesn't believe the tests. She says she smells the mold.

"Very, very musty and humid; you basically had to hold your breath because it was so strong," said Mueller.

Mueller said she is concerned that her friends and teachers are not safe at Kickapoo.

"Teachers are directly affected by it and students in their classrooms are bothered by it," Mueller said.

She believes there is green and black mold inside Kickapoo. Social studies teacher George Abramovitz thinks she is right.

"It's been documented like he said. We see some, we call the office, and we take care of it," said Abramovitz.

Springfield schools officials said mold was found in a carpet before school started this summer but it has been taken care of.

As to whether anyone found black mold at Kickapoo: "I have not seen it. Anytime there has been someone that has mentioned concern, we send someone out to look, to verify, to check," said Scott Wendt, executive director of Operations.

Mueller also said a teacher told her that "Thousands of dollars of textbooks have been thrown away because mold was growing on them," Mueller said.

School officials said they have not seen that.

"I am not aware of that. I deal on the operation side, so I’m not aware whether that has happened or not," Wendt said.

"No I can't say that I have," Abramovitz said.

"Any time people are concerned about health, it's something we don't want to put people in jeopardy," said Wendt.

"We love this place, we love our administration; they've bent over backwards to help us, the maintenance crew to help us, don't think the whole story is being told," said Abramovitz.

Mueller agrees.

"Look a little more, because obviously there is a problem," Mueller said.

Again, Springfield schools officials said the air is perfectly safe for students, teachers, and staff.

A representative with an environmental consulting firm said "there does not appear to be a mold issue inside Kickapoo High School."