Recorder of Deeds warns against high-fee offer for property deeds

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - New homeowners and other real estate owners should be aware that they don't need to pay a high price for copies of property deeds.

A company is soliciting homeowners to buy copies of their property deeds for high fees, sometimes up to $87 or more. While this is not illegal, it’s much higher than the Recorder’s fee of $1 per page for copies. Most property deeds are no longer than two pages. In addition, most homeowners already have their original property deed.

Every few years, some company starts a campaign to try to charge people an exorbitant amount for copies of county records. It’s not illegal but is is ridiculous.

A company operating now appears to target new homeowners. The company’s offer includes a property profile, containing much of the same information available for free from the Greene County Assessor.

To access the Greene County Assessor’s property records, visit and click “Name Search,” or visit the office at Greene County Historic Courthouse, 940 Boonville Ave., Room 39, Springfield.

To obtain a copy of your property deed, contact the Greene County Recorder’s Office at (417) 868-4068 or visit the office at the Greene County Historic Courthouse, Room 100.