Dresser falling on boy shows need for protecting children

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A video camera in Utah recently recorded a 2-year-old twin saving his brother after a dresser fell on him while playing. In the video, you can see his sibling try for almost two minutes to free him from under the furniture. Their parents posted the video to show how easily this could happen to your children.

Here is you how you can install your furniture to make it kid friendly: use a stud finder to see where you should drill, then put a nail into the wall just enough to show you're hitting wood and not a pipe, and then you are ready to drill.

"As a parent, it's just heart-wrenching to watch that and think about how heavy that dresser must've been on that small child. It's amazing the twin was able to get it off of him," said Mercy Safe Kids Coordinator, Daphne Greenlee.

If you are a parent, like Brad Schrock, or even around children you know kids can get into everything.

"My son used to come here and he used to play in the lazy Susan and use it as a sit and spin. So I know crazy things happen," Schrock said.

Shrock owns Kitchenland and gets how important it is to keep your children safe – by preventing accidents.

So, in the video to this story, h is showing you how to install cabinets or dressers.

"You don't want to screw down here, you want to screw into this hang rail," Schrock continued. "You just need to make sure you're putting your screw in a place that it will be substantial enough to hold. If you put a screw in the middle of this back it's going to pull off the wall because it's only an eighth of an inch thick."

He said the solution is simple and inexpensive.

"You're talking about a couple of pennies and it's really worth it," Shrock stated.

As Mercy Safe Kids Coordinator sees nationwide, the alternative is too costly.

"About every two weeks a child goes to the ER and dies as a result of an injury," Greenlee finished.

Experts suggested using a panhandle screw to secure the furniture and keep your kids safe.