Zoo will reveal sexes, names of 3 cheetah cubs

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Are they males or females?

Next Tuesday, June 20, at 11, Dickerson Park Zoo is hosting a reveal party to announce the sex and names of the three cheetah cubs born on May 2. The announcement will be on the cheetah observation deck, and guests wearing pink or blue will receive $1 off general admission.

The zoo veterinarian and Africa zookeepers will give a Cheetah Chat and share information about cheetah cubs, as well as conservation efforts to protect these endangered species and more. The winners of the zoo’s cheetah cub drawing contest will also be on display at the reveal party.

It may be a few more weeks before the cubs are ready to move to their public-viewing yard.

Cheetah triplets were born in Springfield on May 2, 2017.