Bongo gives birth at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield

Octavius, an African bongo, was born at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield on March 30, 2017.
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Dickerson Park Zoo has a new African bongo baby. It was born early on Thursday.

“When we arrived for work he was already standing and nursing,” said zookeeper Tracy Campbell. “We just let his mom do her thing; she’s good at it.”

The baby’s parents are Mary Jane and Peter Parker. Keeping with the Spider Man themed names shared by the bongos at the zoo, the new baby’s name is Octavius for the character Dr. Octopus.

“Don’t let the name fool you,” said Campbell. “This Octavius isn’t a bad guy.”

The bongo is the largest forest antelope and is found in the rainforests of tropical Africa. Bongos are characterized by their rich, chestnut coats, white vertical stripes, large ears and spiraled horns.

Mother and baby are both doing well, and were resting on Thursday afternoon. They should be out in their yard for visitors to see them in a few days.