Trail planners set 2 public meetings for hiker, biker input

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Transportation planners are looking for input on their efforts to expand the walking and biking trails in the Springfield area. They’re holding two public meetings this week to gather input.

The first meeting is on Wednesday from 5 – 7 at the Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway, in Springfield. The second one is Thursday from 5 – 7 at The OC (Ozark Community Center), 1530 W. Jackson, in Ozark.

The Ozarks Transportation Organization, which helps set the priorities in this area for the use of state and federal funds for road and trail projects, is working to connect the region through a system of trails. It wants walkers, cyclists, and commuters to be able to travel safely and enjoyably from one community to another.

The OTO is doing a Regional Trail Investment Study that will provide alignments, costs, and priorities for trails. It wants area residents to help planners understand how best to make connections through their neighborhoods, and interesting places in their neighborhoods that trail users might visit. Planners also want to know how best to approach people to get them on board with trail construction.

Each of the two meetings will follow the same format; there’s no need for interested people to attend both of them. People may also leave online comments if they can’t attend in person.