Family, community mourns baby girl

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GREENE COUNTY, MO. (KSPR) - New information Friday on the death of a four-month-old baby girl after she was found not breathing at a Greene County day care.

Not much about what happened has been revealed by investigators at this time.

The daycare is in the 3500 block of East Farm Road 186 in Eastern Greene County.

Here is what KSPR News crews know now: detectives said they did not find any obvious signs of trauma to the baby girl. The autopsy on the four-month old was done Friday morning. They said it could take several weeks for the toxicology results to come back.

The family would not talk Friday because they and an entire community are in mourning.

"It is such a terrible thing to happen to the family," said Mercy Hospital Medical Director, Diane Lipscomb.

For 25 years now, Mercy Hospital Medical Director, Diane Lipscomb, has helped families.

"Every time a child dies you grieve. A part of your heart gets left with that family and with that child. You never ever forget. You will always grieve when a child passes," Lipscomb said.

She and neighbors of the day care are offering support to the family of the 4-month-old girl.

"There's not much you can say other than they are in our prayers and thoughts and we will continue to pray for them," said neighbor Rob Gunn. "We feel bad for the family and also we don't know what happened. We feel sorry for the sitters as well."

KSPR News’ Stephanie Garland asked the day care owner what happened.

"We're not doing any interviews, we don't want to talk about it until the investigation is done," is what the man who opened the day care home’s door said.

"As far as judgement call, what happened, we're not going to make that. Again, prayers are for the family for their loss. That's a tragedy," Gunn continued.

If you or someone you know is struggling with loss, there is help.

"We have our chaplain services which help. We have our child life services. We do a variety of memory boxes, that actually help the families with some degree of memories. There are also organizations like Lost and Found that actually help families that have loss of loved ones," said Lipscomb.

If you or your family are grieving the loss of a loved, you can contact a counselor at Lost and Found Grief Center. The link is included on the sidebar of this story.
The Greene County Sheriff's Department said the baby girl who died after she stopped breathing at an in-home childcare facility on Thursday afternoon was 4-months-old. Emergency medical responders took her to a hospital but doctors could not resuscitate her.

The home with the childcare facility is in 3500 block of East Farm Road 186 (also known as Mentor Road) just south of Highland Springs Country Club and subdivision.

Greene County sheriff's detectives were at the baby's autopsy on Friday morning. Sheriff Jim Arnott says investigators did not see any obvious physical signs of trauma on the body. Toxicology tests that will determine the cause of death likely will take several months to complete.

Arnott says state law prohibits him from releasing the baby's name.

Detectives spent several hours on Thursday afternoon and evening at the home where the baby stopped breathing. Crime scene tape was across the driveway while they were there. The operator of the childcare facility suspended its operations after the baby died.