Zoning change poses many problems for people in south Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. People living in a neighborhood on the south side of Springfield are fighting to keep commercial zoning off their private street.

"They're just messing with our neighborhood," said Gary McCurter.

Chesterfield Village in south Springfield is having growing pains.

"When they're trying to move it over into our neighborhood to make it commercial that's where we're just saying no we don't want to see that happen," he said.

He and many others aren't necessarily against the business taking over the area where an old farm house is on the corner of Cox Avenue and Butterfield Street.

"If they improve the buildings and that that are there, that could be an asset to the neighborhood," he said.

People living in Chesterfield Village just have one request.

"All we're asking is that they put the entrance on Butterfield which is commercial already. They could put a driveway right next to the other driveway if they will not grant them access. I don't think that's too much to ask," said McCurter.

The issue is the small private street that divides the business from the neighborhood.

"Granted they all own half of the street but we own the other half and if it comes to a repair bill and there's a $30,000 or $40,000 repair bill then we're stuck with half of that. I don't think it's too much to ask to just move their damn driveway," he said.

McCurter said he and his neighbors don't plan on backing down.

"We're willing to go to battle if we have to. We really don't want to. I think it could be worked out if they just move the driveway," he said.

City council will vote on the zoning ordinance Monday, February 26.