Police arrest 2 after pursuit in kidnapping case in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A late night car chase stretched between Springfield and Nixa.

A woman, believed to be in her 20s, says she was kidnapped late Saturday night in Springfield by three people she knew.

She says they then drove her to Nixa, where she was able to bail out of the car, and call 911. She gave dispatch the car's description, and in no time a Christian County deputy saw the car near 160 and Highway AA.

Authorities say they tried to stop the car, but the sheriff's office says it took off-- so they pursued it back into Springfield. The chase ended near the Holiday Inn Express near James River Freeway and Camino Alto.

There were three people inside the car. Sheriff's deputies arrested the driver, a man. One passenger, a woman was also arrested. They believe she threw a rifle out the window while they deputies were in pursuit.

The third person in that car, took off on foot, and is still on the run.

The gun that was thrown has been recovered.

No one was hurt.

The investigation is underway.

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