Willard bike shop is open for business

WILLARD, Mo. Despite the cold weather, there are still plenty of things to keep Frisco Bicycle Rental and Sales busy.

Matt Harrison, co-owner of Frisco Bicycle Rental and Sales said, "We've got a lot of service work that's come in. A lot of folks in the community I think just held off getting their bikes fixed during the winter time, so a little prepping and getting everything ready for the warm weather."

The Harrison family knows from experience that there is a need here in Willard to have a place where people can stop for a snack, or even rent or repair a bike.

"As we ran here and biked here every single day, probably on the trail for an hour every day, we just saw a need. And there was people that would come by and maybe their tire was flat, or maybe they just needed a quick adjustment, and the only thing they could do is drive 40 minutes and that was tough for a family to come out here and have to turn around and go back," Matt said.

Cari Harrison, co-owner of Frisco Bicycle Rental and Sales said, "We would really like to be more than just a bike shop. We would really like to be a social gathering place; for bikers, for runners, for kids. We have a lot of kids that come by here on the trail after school and we'd love for them to stop in get a drink, go up to the deck, rest a little while, talk with their friends. We just want to be an open place where anyone is welcome to come in, chat, talk about bikes, whatever they want to talk about, and just be a warm gathering place for people."

One of the biggest goals the family has for opening the bike shop is to get people to be more active.

"Don't let it intimidate you. That's why we have the rentals here. I know there's a lot of expense to going out and buying a bike sometimes for the first time. Come out, grab a bike, take it for a spin, get comfortable, bring the family of course, we have trainers for kids, we have everything that you might need, so just come by and get outdoors," Matt said.

For now the bike shop is open on Fridays from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. As warmer weather moves in though, they are considering staying open more and even adding events like guided bike rides.

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