Wildfires wipe away California neighborhoods

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SANTA ROSA, Ca. The death toll is rising in Northern California, as out-of-control wildfires tear through neighborhoods.

A Sheriff there says this will go down as one of the worst disasters to ever hit California. At least 17 people are dead; that makes it one of the deadliest California fire outbreaks of all time. 2,000 buildings are burned; that makes it one of the most destructive California fire outbreaks of all time.

The dry and windy conditions are pushing these fires so fast, that some of the 20,000 people evacuated from their homes only had minutes notice. Some have returned home now, like Tyler Lelouarn. But he says, all he sees now is a nightmare, "You don't expect this is ever going to happen to you. You just kinda - I dunno. I left. I came back, saw a few houses that were scorched and I thought the best, and then you get to Coffey Lane and everything around here and it's just gone and to think it's still going on is kind of crazy... There's no words. It's a nightmare. It's a real, live nightmare."

These flames are also shutting down roads, destroying cell towers, and knocking out power to 50,000 people.

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