West Plains teen faces 13 felony charges dating back to April

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- A19-year-old teen from West Plains is in jail after investigators say he claimed he was going to get in a shootout with police and go out in a blaze of glory.

Jesse Dee Dalton has quite the criminal history. Currently he is facing 13 felony charges ranging from assault to statutory rape. What's most disturbing is all of the charges have been filed since April of this year.

It all started on March 6th when the Howell County Sheriff's Office received a report of sexual abuse of a 5-year-old girl on Valentine's Day, giving her an STD.

Then in late April, Dalton was arrested during a traffic stop and accused of firing shots at the driver of a car earlier that day.

Court papers say Dalton was upset when police told him he didn't kill or even injure the man after firing one shot into the car and many more while driving away.

The bullets flew on a a street with many houses but no one was hit.

Then just two weeks later, Dalton was charged with assault while in jail, accused of beating a fellow inmate during an argument.

After being released from jail, Dalton was again arrested following a traffic stop on October 14th and charged with having drugs, weapons and stolen property.

Then just 8 days later, investigators believe Dalton assaulted a man at a Trailer Park with a pipe.

The victim was flown to a Springfield hospital with severe injuries.

And finally, last Friday, Dalton was arrested by SWAT team members inside a home in West Plains.

That's when he's said to have told a woman at that house he was going to be involved in a shootout with police and was going out in a blaze of glory.

They say he had a bulletproof vest and a 9 millimeter handgun with the serial number removed.

Police found Dalton's belongings inside a stolen car nearby.

He was arrested without incident.

But while in the back of the cop car, his mother, waiting on scene, walked up to the car and opened the door allowing her son to run.

He was caught after a brief chase.

Investigators in court documents state that Dalton continues to commit criminal acts while out on bond and they believe he is a danger to the public.

He's back in jail, this time on a total of $200,000 bond and is due in court later this month.

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