Webster County looks to improve the safety of Highway 60

WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. Webster County is looking at ways to make your drive along Highway 60 safer and is asking for your help in doing so.

The county held the first of several meetings here at First Baptist Church in Rogersville. They're geared toward creating plans for future improvements of this area, including major intersections and rail road crossings.

"I've already asked MoDOT, when are they going to make the 60 an interstate from here to the Mississippi River," said Don Carrigan.

That may likely not happen anytime soon but he says he's eager to see major improvements along the highway in Webster County.

"Planning is a very important step. They're starting out on the right foot," he said.

Presiding commissioner, Paul Ipock said, "The Highway 60 corridor is probably growing faster than anything."

County commissioners have been trying to get a 22 mile stretch of the highway examined for years.

"For sometime now we've asked Burlington Northern to do such a study. We've asked MoDOT to do a study. They didn't really want to.
But then we had a meeting in Springfield in the MoDOT office and said, hey, we're going to do it. Will you buy in? They said yes, we will," explained Ipock.

They hired a private firm to monitor the area. Representatives counted cars that drove through intersections onto the highway and at railroad crossings. They also measured distances between county roads and the highway. All this data was used to calculate what would help improve the safety of the area.

"There will be a federal grant that will be available and if we've got a plan we have a greater chance at getting the grant. The early bird gets the worm. That's
what we're hoping for," said Ipock.

Officials are asking the public to weigh in by taking a survey and brainstorming ideas about areas that need improvement.

"You've got to change if you want to progress," said Carrigan.