Water saving project wraps up at local bank

Arvest Bank customers in South Springfield are driving onto a green parking lot these days.

Workers have been installing permeable pavers this spring instead of solid concrete. The pavers allow water to flow through the parking lot at Republic and Fremont instead of running off the parking lot into public gutters.

The new parking lot system even collects the rainwater. The bank plans to use that rainwater for the landscaping, the grass and even toilets.

The pavers replace the concrete that had been wearing out and cracking.

Shane Cowger of Arvest Bank says, "It looks great. Our customers are excited. We did this at one of out other branches and it totally changes the look of the parking lot as well as the branch."

Shane told us the paver system did cost more than a traditional concrete project. But, he says it's part of being a good steward in the community. The U-S Green Building Council does rate a number of Arvest locations as sustainable sites.

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