WATCH: Greene County Deputies ask if you know this "porch pirate"

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Greene County Sheriff's Department need your help identifying a man that stole a package off of a porch in the 4400 block of south Hemlock.

Jason Raikos

If you recognize the "porch pirate" you are asked to contact Greene County Sheriff's Department.

Katrina Raikos says her security system did its job catching the thief on camera, but she still felt, "violated." She says no other neighbors have complained about porch pirates in the seven months her family's lived at the house.

"I didn't really think that someone would steal [the packages] seeing the cameras and the security signs," she said.

Porch pirates think it's a low-risk crime because it's quick. In this case, the thief was so quick that he didn't see the cameras or signs.

The Greene Co. Sheriff's Office shared the video and photos on their Facebook page. It's been shared 200 times since. The original post has been shared more than 1,400 times.

"It always helps having photo and video and stuff like that in these cases, because then we're able to put that out to the public and get the public's assistance," Cpl. James Craigmyle said. "Maybe they've seen this car, or it's a family member or a friend that they know has been doing this, or that they may suspect them of doing it. So we're able to use that to our advantage to hopefully find out who's been going around stealing these packages."

"I really appreciate everyone sharing the post on Facebook and the Sheriff's Office and the NextDoor app," Raikos said. "It's amazing what technology can really do."

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Jason Raikos