Voters to decide on Cassville Schools bond issue on April 2

A bond issue will be on the ballot in Cassville School District on April 2.

While voting 'yes' would not mean a tax increase, it would allocate about $4 million at one time to several projects at the school.

Under the initiative, which the school is calling "Vision 150," the district would expand early childhood education.

Superintendent Dr. Richard Asbill says, if voters pass the bond issue, the district would add an about 6,000 square-foot building beside what is currently the early childhood education space.

"This [bond approval] would generate the funds available to build a building to house our Parents As Teachers, our preschool, and our Kinder Academy, which opens up additional space to house our kindergarten, title one, and special services," Dr. Asbill said.

While the outcome of the election will not impact the tax rate, if the bond issue passes, voters would be allowing the school to spend $4 million on these projects simultaneously.

"It's a matter of being able to capture two or three projects at one time, rather than staging them in over a five to ten year period," Dr. Asbill said.

Bond approval would also fund renovations in the district's oldest building, which is referred to as the Vintage Wing of the Middle School.
"We have some leaks and we want to put new high energy efficient windows in there," Dr. Asbill said.

He says by doing things like technology upgrades and adding new HVAC, the district would turn the more than 30-year-old building into an "Innovation Academy."

"It isn't very conducive to today's learning environment," Dr. Asbill said.

Also, if voters pass the bond issue, the school would also increase its security and update its playgrounds by making them ADA accessible.

Dr. Asbill says with both history and progress in mind, the initiative is about building a better tomorrow in Cassville.

"Vision 150 is about celebrating our first 150 years, but looking for the next 150," Dr. Asbill said.

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