Volunteers give out food to people at higher risk and in need in Harrison, Ark.

HARRISON, Ark. -- From limited supplies:

"Today we've run really short on lunch meat. I thought I had plenty for the week," said Joy Prater with Ozark Share and Care.

To less funding:

"Like everyone else, our thrift store is closed so we have no money," Prater said.

Despite that, Ozark Share and Care, a private non-profit emergency services program, and the Harrison Housing Authority are trying to get food to the elderly, children, and others in need.

"We're very fortunate. A lot of communities don't have this, and it makes me feel good that we can work together," said Chonda Tapley, the executive director of HHA.

Most of the volunteers this week are Harrison teachers, and they're making hundreds of meals to give or hand-deliver to people.

"We need to keep people inside. We want to try to keep them away from the public. Don't go into the stores," Tapley said.

The group is also delivering groceries to people who have a higher risk of getting coronavirus, like the elderly.

"Instead of 10 different entities standing out doing their own thing, we're all trying to coordinate from one spot and be able to hit as many or more people that way," Prater said.

Volunteers said they're doing their part not only to keep the community from going hungry, but keep them from getting sick.

"Keep them in and keep them healthy so we don't co-mingle and spread this illness like wildfire," Tapley said.

If you're interested in donating or volunteering, go to, www.ozarkshareandcare.org. You can also go directly there too at 105 US-62, Harrison, AR 72601.

Harrison Housing Authority serves about 500 families in the area. The executive director says they've had to lock their doors but are working and still open. They're not letting people in but can talk to them through a video camera at the door. You can drop off paperwork at 202 W. Stephenson, Harrison, AR 72601. Their number is 870-741-8673 and website is www.arkansasharrisonhousing.org

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