Volunteer firefighters show off upgrades to historic fire station in Seymour

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Seymour, Mo. -- The Southern Webster County Fire Protection District is showing off its building renovations.

Volunteer firefighters sacrificed their time and effort into renovating a 99-year-old building just off the square in downtown Seymour.

"It's well built, you don't find houses and buildings built like this anymore it's very original, sturdy, the craftsmen these days isn't like it was 100 years ago," visitor Debra Moore said.

Now, the Southern Webster County Fire Protection District is showing off the upgrades.

"Knowing the people on the fire department and all the work they've been putting into it all summer long and the volunteer hours are just astronomical, it shows a lot of dedication for the public to do that and it just melts my heart to see that kind of community service, it really does," Moore said.

"They were here I think about every night," visitor Joyce Ince said.

"You know these guys aren't getting paid and that speaks a lot of the community members it really does," Moore said.

The new layout opens up the space and will improve response times.

"You only had one of the bay doors open for the trucks to get out, this is going to be so much more accessible," Moore said. "They can hit the road and go to their emergency and be right there. I think it will be so much more efficient the way it's designed, I really do."

All the hard work is paying off to give a historic building new life and to help the people it serves.

"Everyone that's come by said, 'I can't believe how much bigger the building looks, did you add on?' and I said no, the same building that we started out with, just opened it up where it can be functional for our needs," Captain David Smith, with the Southern Webster County Fire Protection District, said.

Volunteer firefighters plan to host bingo nights twice a month, on Saturdays, to raise money for new equipment.

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