Verona voters to decide the fate of their fire department in April

VERONA, Mo. The small town of Verona has big problems.

"There was conflicts but nothing, nothing like this," said alderwoman Linda Gates.

LaDonna Buzard is concerned about public safety.

She said, "It's sad that there's this many issues and this many problems in this small town."

The town of just over 600 people is struggling. Some says city leaders aren't doing their jobs. Those city leaders say they are doing their jobs by the book.

"It kind of loses its small town feel because of all of the problems," said Buzard.

They're fire department has gone without a working fire truck since last spring. The police department struggles to keep officers.
Those problems, according to two city leaders, have been solved very recently.

"We were without a policeman for two days and our town did not fall apart. We got him. Our fire chief came with our new, not new but one of our trucks, got it fixed. Our other one's fixed so, that it's good as new. We are up and running," said Gates.

The solution seems to be a little too late for people like Buzard.

"I think the issue here is trust," she said.

A group of people have filed a petition to have Verona's fire department merge with Aurora's.

"We're going to try to get the information out there in an unbiased manner, let everybody decide for themselves what they want to do, what's best for the community," said Buzard.

Town leaders is optimistic about their community's future.

"It will always work out, always work out," said Gates.

The measure to merge the fire departments may be on the ballot for voters this April.