Vandals damage structure, machinery at Greene County construction site

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Construction crews at a Greene County work site said vandals damaged a house and heavy machinery overnight Monday.

The site will eventually be a community of duplex homes. When crews got to work Monday morning, they saw part of a wall of one house was torn out, along with a hole in a roof. A skid-steer loader was also turned over on its side.

Jason Bade is the framing contractor with Finley Construction. He said the damage to the house could cost his crew an entire day's work to fix.

"It was not a great feeling knowing I'm the one that's gotta go back and fix it," Bade said.

He said the wall has to be redone from the bottom to the top, complete with studs, sheeting, trusses and roofing.

The workers said vandals used the crew's own heavy machinery against them, taking out part of the wall and roof.

"I've been doing this for about 20 years. I'm young, but I've never seen this happen," said Shaun Davis, with Davis Concrete Construction.

Davis said whoever did the damage used his excavator to take down the house, as well as the skid-steer on site.

"They used a screwdriver and hammered it into the ignition and got it started. It was parked about 150, 200 feet away from the building. They tracked over to the skid-steer and flipped it over and drug it probably 20 or so feet and went straight for the building," Davis said.

He said the skid-steer is ruined and a new one could cost up to $62,000. He said repairing the hole in the house could cost up to $18,000 in materials and labor.

"They did a pretty good number of damage on us," Davis said.

He said the vandal might be someone I would say it's a disgruntled ex-employee of either the general contractor or myself. We go through a lot of them so it's hard to know," he said.

Davis is not sure he'll ever find out who is to blame. He said his insurance will cover the damage to his machines, but said it's frustrating he's having to deal with this, after a summer full of other struggles, like weather.

Bade said he wants this situation to be a warning for others.

"Let it be known, this kind of stuff is going on. Watch your property," he said.

Bade said the crews are considering upping security at the site, like with motion-activated cameras and having Greene County Sheriff's Deputies patrol the area.

The crews did file a report with the Greene County Sheriff's Office. KY3 News reached out to the department to see if detectives have any leads, but they were unable to give us any information at the time of this report.

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