Valley Springs, Arkansas, mayor hands in letter of resignation

VALLEY SPRINGS, Ark. - Ryan and Sheila Reeves sent the Boone County Election Commission a letter, saying when they moved back to Valley Springs in 2014 they later realized mayor Frank Mangrum did not live there.

Ryan Reeves said, “He owns a house in Valley Springs. And I know he doesn’t reside there.”

Instead the Reeves said Mangrum lives in another home in Harrison, but during his 12 years in office Mangrum said he had an intent to live in Valley Springs.

Reeves said, “My argument was intent for the duration of 12 plus years is not true intent.”

Reeves said one of his main concerns with Mangrum not living within the city limits is he could make a decision for the city and wouldn't be affected by it.

The election commission met to discuss the letter.

John Cantwell, with the commission, said, “To give you a firm decision, we’re going to have to talk to the attorney to the Secretary of State. But as of nine o’clock this morning, it looks like the whole case is moot.”

Before the meeting even started, the Valley Springs mayor came in and handed over his letter of resignation.

In that letter Mangrum states he did not file for re-election and his plans were to leave office at the end of 2018.However, no one ran for the office and there were some personnel issues.So he said he decided to stay this month and try to help resolve some of the issues.

Reeves said although it's no longer an issue here because the mayor resigned, he'd still like an answer to his question about residency.

He said, “It’s going to have to be brought forward in a situation and a jurisdiction where it indeed needs to be addressed to a point of finale.”

In the meantime, Valley Springs needs to find a new mayor.

Crystal Graddy, the Boone County clerk, said, “City council will meet, and they will choose an interim mayor from the city council. Then at the next meeting the new interim mayor will pick a new person to take their council position from anyone that lives within the city limits of Valley Springs.”

Valley Springs city council meets the fourth Monday every month.

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