U.S. Census Bureau offers job opportunities and new way to submit questionnaire

HARRISON, Ark. -- It's a head count countrywide. 

"Building up to that April 1st of 2020 is what we're calling Census Day,"
said Mike Rotenberry, a partnership specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau.

The federal government agency sends out questionnaires to every household in the country and people need to send them back.

"And every 10 years that has been by responding through the mail," Rotenberry said.

Once a person gets their questionnaire in the mail, they have to give information like name, age, gender, race and how many people live in their household. And responses are confidential.

This time around the U.S. Census Bureau is offering another way for you to fill out and send back your questionnaire besides the mail.

"You can respond through the internet. You just go online and fill in your information. Or you can call on your phone and respond with your information," Rotenberry said.

The government uses the census data to determine the number of U.S. Representatives in each state.

But it also is used to figure out how state and federal funds are spent on a local level.

"You hear about reduced or free lunches or breakfasts and things like this. Those are driven off of these numbers," Rotenberry said. "Highest probably costs of all communities is road construction: asphalt, chip and seal. Those are driven off of how many people are in the area."

People with the U.S. Census Bureau said it's best to respond.

"That way they also don't get that knock on the door if they don't want somebody coming up to their door and asking them more questions," Rotenberry said.

Part-time jobs are available with the bureau, and you can apply no matter what area you live in.

"Very good, decent pay and flexible hours. And so like I said, when the time comes, we know that 100 percent of the people aren't going to self-respond. So we do need census enumerators, what we call census takers," he said.

If you're interested in one of those jobs, head to 2020census.gov/jobs

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