Two arrested in separate homicides investigations in Springfield this week

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Two arrests have been made in two separate homicide investigations in Springfield.

A man has now been charged in one of those shootings on Monday.

Lucky Davis, 33, has been charged with second degree murder for the killing of Anthony Correa on West Mill Street on Monday night.

Court documents say Correa was visiting a friend on that street when Davis pulled his truck up behind Correa's vehicle. According to investigators, the two men had had an earlier dispute over Davis making too much noise in the neighborhood. When Correa got out to talk to him there was shouting and then Davis fired two shots, one of them hit Correa in the chest. He later died in the hospital. Davis told investigators he thought he was dreaming that night when he shot Correa.

On the other side of town, 40 year old Joshua Brooks was found shot to death in his truck on South Patterson Monday afternoon.

Police have now arrested a woman in that shooting.

“I knew that Josh had recently started dating somebody and I don’t know if that was necessarily that person.” said Jason Brooks, Joshua's brother.

Jason says his brother was always willing to help others and got along with everybody.

“On the last night that he was alive we knew he was going to help somebody move, that was just the type of person he was.” said Brooks.

His death has left their family with a lot of questions.

“We are very surprised that anybody would think this is something that they could do to him. Obviously we don’t know all the details and police have to finish their investigation, but I have to believe that this was not something that he provoked. That this was just sort of a senseless tragedy.” said Brooks.

We are not identifying that woman since she has not been formally charged in that shooting.

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