Travelers hit the roads, skies this Thanksgiving

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Triple-A predicts this will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel week since 2005, as folks get together with family for the holiday. Wednesday is one of the busiest travel days, as many head to their Thanksgiving destinations.

It's estimated nearly 51 million Americans are traveling this Thanksgiving, according to a TripAdvisor survey, 23% by air, 75% by road.

The Durham family from Chicago is headed to Dallas. One of their biggest challenges is keeping everyone occupied on the road. Keaton Durham says, "We're doing pretty good we're doing some reading and some work books and some iPads, trying to balance it out."

AAA says gas prices nationwide are higher than they have been the last few Thanksgivings. But those passing through the Ozarks say the price at the pump is no problem. Douglas Jussaume says, "I don't pay attention to them. We're doing this regardless."

They say traffic early today wasn't bad either. Jussaume says, "The weather has been nice, the roads are dry and clear, and the traffic's not too bad, so pretty nice."

At the Springfield-Branson National Airport, the number of fliers isn't much different than any other day, but the holidays can bring long lines.
Airport spokesperson Kent Boyd says, "Because you have somebody who's never flown before, and they come through the door; they don't know where the ticket counter is, they don't know where security is; they don't know what they're supposed to do in security."

Kennedy Liggett started out in a long line in Raleigh, North Carolina.
"When I walked in, the line just for security wrapped all the way around like every check-in thing, so you basically started right at the front door and slowly made your way around," says Liggett.

Liggett says the rest of her trip went smoothly, and she's happy to reach her Thanksgiving destination. "It's great! I'm so excited; I've been looking forward to this," says Liggett.

Remember these tips for flying. Airport officials say do not wrap presents because they will likely be unwrapped in security, do not try to travel with snow globes, because they contain liquid and will cause problems in security. And it's a good idea to arrive early because of those slow-moving lines.

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