Police warn against warming up your car in the mornings

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- We just had our coldest morning of the season and there will be a lot more to come this winter. With car thefts a recurring problem lately, police are again warning you to NOT start your car and let it sit in the driveway to warm up.

Not only is leaving your car unattended a green light for criminals, it's also illegal in Springfield. Every Winter, hundreds of people get their car stolen from their own driveway when they try to warm it up.

According to Springfield Police, about 37% of cars stolen had keys in it and of those about 27% percent were actually running.

"Especially in cold weather, it's a tell tale sign when you have an exhaust ploom coming out the back of a car, criminals are looking for targets of opportunity, they are not necessarily staking out a particular address or particular location, they are driving around looking for an unattended car idling so they can steal it," said Mjr. Kirk Manlove with the Springfield Police Department.

While Police can issue tickets if they see an unattended car idling, they will likely leave a yellow piece of paper as a reminder the first time.