3 things that could prevent sexual assault

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KSPR) - A group of women in Springfield spent the evening preparing for a nightmare, and learning about how to protect themselves in case of a sexual assault.

Nylah Rogers is a Taekwondo expert, a fourth-degree black belt with ten years of experience in teaching martial arts. Tonight she held a sexual assault prevention seminar at Phenomenon Studio in Downtown Springfield to teach a small group the basics. She says it boils down to mental, verbal and physical preparation.

“A lot of times, these types of situations are survival. You need to be in a survival mode,” said Rogers.

Rogers says the first thing women need to do is always be aware of their surroundings. That means when you’re out and alone, look up from your phone and keep an eye out for dangerous people.

“Check what obstacles are around you, what you can use as barriers between you and another person. Or even watch other people as they’re walking down the street. Just being aware,” Rogers said.

Tip number two: Rogers says if someone gets too close you and makes you uncomfortable, you should speak up or yell really loud. Make a scene, which will hopefully scare an attacker away.

“You got to get the attention of that person. Hey! Back off! No!” she yelled, “Loud. As loud as you can.”

Rogers explained, “You’d be surprised how many people… don’t want the confrontation. They know that you’re going to be a hard target.”

If all else fails, you're going to have to fight off your attacker. The phrase to remember is ‘stun and run’.

Rogers said, “You want to do as much damage as you can, real quick, and as soon as [you see] the first opportunity to get out of there, get out.”

Rogers recommends carrying some sort of weapon, like mace or pepper spray. Even if you’re not trained in self defense, Rogers says you still need to fight back against an attacker because begging and pleading doesn’t work. She recommends aiming for a sensitive areas on the body like the nose, throat or groin. She says use your nails, teeth, or anything you can find that will help you fight off that attacker.

If you want more information on Rogers’ next free Sexual Assault Prevention Seminar, visit her Facebook page. There’s a link in the sidebar.