Three arrested, one injured after road rage incident leads to fight and shots fired in Cabool

CABOOL, Mo. -- Three men are behind bars in Texas County after road rage ended with shots fired in a church parking lot in Cabool.

"It escalated so fast. I mean this all occurred within two minutes," Donald Rutz told KY3.

Last Saturday, around 1:30 am, Donald Rutz and his girlfriend were driving on Highway 60 toward Cabool, through a nasty thunderstorm, when Rutz noticed a truck bearing down quickly on his car.

"A big white truck had swerved to my left and gone into the passing lane. Well oncoming traffic and the cars in front of me prevented him from getting out of the way so he swerved back over and forced me into the ditch," Rutz exclaimed.

Rutz regained control and got the car back on the road, with the truck now in front of him.

"They sat down on their brakes and kind of did a brake check on me. To avoid running into the rear of this big Duramax pickup, I swerved to the left to kind of get in the other lane and go around them or something."

But the truck side-swiped his car and both vehicles stopped.

The truck pulled into the Cabool Assembly of God parking lot at the intersection of Zimmerman Avenue and highway 60 business, while Rutz's car remained in the middle of Zimmerman Ave.

"A man exited and came basically jogging toward me, running and I saw what I thought was an apparent knife in his hand. I was telling him, look I just want to exchange insurance and we fought and tumbled into a ditch."

After the fight, Rutz says several shots were fired into his car.

"I was standing at the drivers side of the door right here and I was just deafened by the noise and the shot."

Police stopped the truck at a nearby gas station and arrested the three people inside; Brody Nuckles, Kyle Keen and Elil Jones.
Keene and Nuckles are charged with assault, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon, while Jones faces a third degree assault charge.

Rutz suffered some cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder, but feels lucky to be alive.

"I'm a spiritual man and God saved my life that day because two bullets apparently struck the windshield and ricocheted off. All I can say is the good Lord watched over me, because my Bible is laying directly underneath those."

Keene and Jones are due in court on Tuesday.

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