Thousands of fans come out to see the Stanley Cup in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- The Stanley Cup was is in Springfield on Thursday, traveling from Bass Pro Shops, to the Ice Park, to Falstaff's downtown.

More than three thousand St. Louis Blues fans got their picture taken with the cup at Bass Pro. People waited around an hour and a half for that picture, but they say the prize was worth waiting for.

{SOT ROBERT ANTOFF} "It was worth every minute, every mile, every step, every year. It was worth all of it." said Robert Antoff, a Blues fan.

Fans were able to touch it, kiss it, and hug it.

"The Blues are kind of like everything in our family. That is the stuff that me and my dad do and I am trying to pass it down to my kids too." Antoff added.

"When he got us into hockey it has been a cool experience not only sharing it with him but also watching it all together as a family. Now we are able to see the cup, get a picture with it, touch it, it is unforgettable." said Nathan Rapert, a Blues fan.

Some fans had doubts during the season when the Blues were in last place.

"I was about to turn it in for the year." said Antoff.

But then the Blues battled back and everything came together for them to win the Stanley Cup.

"That is what sports teaches you is don't give up." said Kevin Rapert.

Now the Blues were able to bring their celebration to the Ozarks.

"Excitement for the team, excitement for the city. It is great all around, and it is great that I got to share it with my family." Antoff added.

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