Thousands fill Plaster Student union to watch solar eclipse

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- All eyes were on the sky at Missouri State University too. Students young and old took a break from their classes to watch.

There were more people in the stadium, than there are for an average MSU football game.

In the stands, on the fields, and lined up around the corner just to get a glimpse of a two minute total eclipse. More than 13,000 people all together headed here to watch this historic event.

"Most of the time, it doesn't cross a continent like it's doing here, so we might see one in our lifetime typically because this is a very unique solar eclipse because it's crossing the whole United States," said Tammy Jahnke, Dean of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

And educators are already getting ready for the next one.

"We know how to predict these 100 years out within a minute," said Jahnke.

Another day with all eyes on the sky. Educators say the next total eclipse in Missouri will be on April 8th 2024. The entire country won't get to see it.
They say it'll only be visible from Texas, cross our area, and then up to main.