Thieves target doorsteps for Christmas delivery packages

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GREENE COUNTY, Mo. It's a relief anymore to get deliveries since so many crooks are targeting homes.

"I was just really glad that I was here and the nice man gave me a box," explained Anita Cannidy, who was thrilled a UPS driver handed her a parcel that contained her grandson's Christmas gift.

Most people, though, can't be home all the time to ensure their boxes and bags are safe. On Tuesday, a thief stole a package from a Greene County home; two deputies happened to be nearby.

A short pursuit ensued, but CPL. James Craigmyle said the deputies called the chase off because "the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed. It was in the middle of the daytime. It wasn't worth the life of somebody on the street getting hurt, so we terminated the pursuit at that time."

Before the driver got away, though, he dropped off the passenger who tried to run. He didn't get far, and deputies arrested him. Charges are pending.

These brazen crimes are being captured on home surveillance video more and more, and this is the peak time of year when thieves are cashing in.

"Black Friday. Cyber Monday. All the retailers are having huge sales right now. So now is the time everybody orders online, more convenience. They have it delivered to their homes; they don't have to worry about going out and getting the package," said Craigmyle.

While it's convenient, it's an easy way to get packages stolen, unfortunately. Craigmyle recommends having deliveries signed for or have a neighbor pick them up or have them delivered to work.

Otherwise, people expecting their goods could end up with an empty porch. "We know it's not like the good old days. They just take off with your stuff--at Christmas," said Cannidy.

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